The Science of ConceivEaseTM:
“For those couples trying to conceive and require a lubricant, we recommend one that demonstrates low spermicidal activity, has minimal inhibitory effects on sperm motility, is easy and safe to use, and is fertility friendly. ConceivEaseTM meets all of these criteria.” Dr. William Kutteh 

“Commercial lubricants tested in this study demonstrated variable toxicity to sperm ranging from complete loss of motility at 15 to 60 minutes. Sperm motility of ConceivEaseTM was indistinguishable from modified human tubular fluid medium at 60 minutes.” “A reduction in the sperm motility was observed with all lubricants tested except for ConceivEaseTM. An observable bilayer of ConceivEaseTM and seminal fluid may contribute to this favorable environment by providing a barrier to oxidation, pH fluctuation, and other micro environmental changes.”