Frequently Asked Questions:

How is ConceivEaseTM applied?
Place on the hand and then apply directly to the external skin of the male and/or female genitalia just before intercourse.

Has ConceivEaseTM been tested?
ConceivEaseTM has been tested and developed after years of laboratory research. It has been used clinically in the practice of a reproductive endocrinologist since 1996. Endotoxin testing is normal. US patent pending. What ingredients are in ConceivEaseTM? It is a clear, odorless, liquid containing light mineral oil, Vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopherol - a potent antioxidant), and glycerol buffered with a certified sperm growth medium.

How can I get ConceivEaseTM ?
Temporarily not available

Manufactured by Reproductive Laboratory, Inc., Memphis, TN